Marketing and Business in China

For decades now, China has been a major player in the world economy. Few multinational corporations and international investments exist without Chinese influence, which is why understanding Chinese corporate culture and customs has become an invaluable asset in international business. Programs to work abroad in China, such as those offered by TopView International Education, provide the resources and networking you need for finding jobs abroad. Get an in-person look of international business from the other side, while learning a thing or two about the Middle Kingdom.

Pros: Tackling the Chinese job market from abroad is no easy feat, especially if you lack the language skills and familiarity with the legal system and corporate world. Programs to work abroad in China will hold your hand through the whole process to ensure you are happily employed in your field of choice and nicely settled in.
Cons: For those not at all acquainted with Chinese culture or the country’s current situation, moving abroad to work a big boy or girl job in China can be incredibly overwhelming. Megacities, pollution, and completely different cultural norms are just a few blatant changes to face, not to mention an entirely new work culture in the office. Figuring out what to wear in China on a daily basis is just the beginning!
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The notion of starting a new life overseas is exciting and romantic. The possibilities of who you could become and where your life could go are endless. However, just like life back home, things don’t always run as smoothly as you would hope and sometimes life just happens. Being flexible for unexpected changes and remembering to stay positive are essential traits to carry overseas if you want to find success working internationally.

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