Cooperation doesn’t leads to conflict

Cooperation doesn’t leads to conflict

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Cooperation is the fact on which all possibilities of progress are based. If we want to say the history of the progress of mankind in one word, it can be called mutual cooperation. The credit of making a creature a crown jewel of the world with a weak monkey lineage negligible can only be attributed to its cooperative attitude. Thus people are also heard saying that the human brain’s contemplation of mind has led him on the path of progress, but this is not true. The fact is that on the basis of cooperation, the order of mutual exchange was established by establishing intimacy with each other’s cooperation and this opened the door to brain development.

Achievements such as speaking, thinking, reading, writing, agriculture, animal husbandry, fire-use equipment manufacturing, costuming etc. are considered as the initial stage of progress, climbing these stairs, man has found the way to move forward and rise higher. All this is not the result of any human effort. It has taken thousands of years and the experience of one has taken advantage of the other. The achievements of one have been learned by the other and have progressively progressed on the path found. The long floor to reach where we are today has been crossed like this.

The entire foundation of family building is laid on mutual support. The intimacy found between husband and wife, child, guardian, sister-in-law, the number of selfish means is more than the amount of self-help and generous cooperation with each other. If selfishness was the priority of accomplishment, then those relations would have been shattered as they were instantaneous selfishness. This is what happens in lowly creatures. Their family support is very short-lived. Due to orgasm, the male and female become husband and wife for a few moments, and both become unfamiliar as soon as they take charge. Due to a little selfish disruption, the husband and wife of this moment do not miss the next moment in a fatal attack on each other. The female is taken care of by the child and that too until she stands up on her feet. After this, when the child becomes self-reliant, neither the mother has affection for the child nor does the child have any relation with the mother. The father gives little help in rearing children. Nature has given this momentary blessing to the mother so that the offspring of that creature should not be destroyed. If a family of these creatures would not have formed on the basis of prudent cooperation, then the order of stability and density in it would have continued. But it is often not seen. It has often been said that some animals are also found with a spirit of cooperation. And take advantage of their safety from it. But they should be called exceptions.

The speciality of a human being is his successive truth. He settled the family. They incorporated plurality and generosity. This benefited every member of the family, small and small. This trend later developed into socialism. Social system – The structure of governance has been formed only on the basis of the code of conduct of the family system. The entire structure of the Earth System is cooperative. The order of production and exchange distribution of goods has gradually increased to the present economy. The stages of craft, medical education, art skills and science have not arisen all of a sudden. This is the second thing that has been credited to such a person, but in fact, the background of successful invention had already been formed much earlier and by adding many thoughts and efforts, it could become the basis on which it was finally announced gone. High level of emotional consciousness like religion, philosophy, spirituality are not the work of anyone person. Millennials of many generations have been employed in their gradual development. All this is the result of cooperation.

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