Coordination and exchange b/w civilizations

Coordination and exchange b/w civilizations

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This coordination and exchange of civilizations are both appropriate and necessary. It is impossible to keep human conscience imprisoned in the box of bigotry. As soon as vision is awakened, the walls of these palaces are broken and whatever seems interesting or useful, it is exchanged without any publicity or pressure. Radical efforts to prevent this have always been beaten hands and feet, but this has been difficult. The air flows into the freeing sky. The winter-summer expansion occurs over a wide area. They cannot be constrained to stay in their own homes like prisoners tied in bonds. Even among cults and civilizations, this exchange has been going on in its own way. Its pace will be even more rapid in future.

It is meaningless to say anything about religion and culture. They are both universal and can be called universal. Fragments of humanity could not happen. There is not much difference in the definition of gentleness. As the physical structure, the basic power of human conscience is also of the same type, physical tendencies are also almost the same. Unity is pervasive and eternal. Separation is timely and transient. We are all sons of the same father are born on the same earth. Live under the same sky. You get heat from the same sun and live the same way from the pattern of clouds, then how can you be tied to artificial differences for a long distance for many days. Taking justification as the basis, the more the door of mutual exchange is opened, the more will be the benefit of clean air and light. By keeping the windows closed, we can neither preserve our features nor can we benefit from the benefits of clean air and open sun. By adopting narrowness, less is lost, and lost is more. If we move in the direction of unity, it is not an expression of devotion to the ancestors, but only reverence. Ancestors, while gratefully acknowledging the legacy of their ancestors, have been collecting new experiences, earning profits and gathering resources through their intelligence and muscle power. The ancestors can only be satisfied in this proud as well. No parent imposes on his child that we should not earn more education or wealth. We should not earn more fame or skill. Even remotely sensible parents encourage and encourage their heirs to progress more than themselves. In such a situation, if we could move a step further in the field of unity than the ancestors, then there is no question of confusion in this. There is no question like defiance of ancestors. If the father lives 60 years and the son can live 70 years, then there is nothing to be sad about. Progress towards nobleness, decency, unity and rationality can only be said to be a good link in the history of human progress.

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