F15 Weight Management Program

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The FIT15 program consists of three comprehensive diet and exercise programs for those who want to change their lifestyle. Here you will learn how to eat, how to train and how to avoid traps along the way. The F15 combo comes with 5 products made with Aloe Vera as the foundation

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  • Type: Weight Management Program
  • LIFE: 15 Days
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  • Guranteed 100% Organic from natural farmas
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What is the FIT 15 program?

The Forever FIT 15 or F 15 program is the logical continuation of the Forever C9 detox program. Once you have reset your organization with the C9 program, depending on your current level, you will be able to move to one of the 3 levels of the FIT 15 Program (beginner, intermediate and advanced). This fitness and weight management program is at the heart of the FOREVER FIT program, which consists of the C9 Detox Program, the FIT 15 Fitness Program and the Vital 5 Stabilization and Micronutrition Program. Throughout the FIT 15 program you will gradually learn how to eat better, move better to adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle while losing fat and refining your muscles.

How does it work?

The F15 pack contains carefully selected products and a clear guide that will guide you through the program. The program is divided into two stages, each stage being 15 days. If you want to do both steps, you have to buy 2 pack. FIT 15 a varied exercise program that allows you to try different types of exercises and learn about their impact on your health. You will also discover healthy and delicious recipes, more information on how to set up your diet and how to make healthy choices for your health.

Choose your program according to your level

You can choose to make the FOREVER FIT program as a whole starting with the C9 pack and continuing with the 3 FIT program 15 and ending with the Vital 5 or you can directly attack by one of the 3 levels of the F15 pack according to which will be best suited to your current situation.

Forever FIT 15 Beginner

F15 Beginner adapts to all adult people who have just started or wish to adopt a more active lifestyle. Perfect for you, you need help to start your journey to fitness and weight loss and want tips on how to think about diet and exercise to create style changes. Permanent life – You also want to be able to measure and track your results, forever F15 beginner is for you.

Forever FIT 15 Intermediate

The Intermediate F15 is suitable for all adults who move regularly but want to move to the next level, or sometimes move forward, but want to know more. Perfect for those who want help structuring their diet, exercise, weight and muscles to achieve their goals. You will also learn more about how to adapt your active lifestyle as a natural part of your daily life.

Forever FIT 15 Advanced

The Advanced F15 is suitable for all adults who exercise regularly and who are doing well. Perfect for those looking for new ones more difficult challenges and wish to deepen their knowledge of diet, exercise and how to develop an active lifestyle.

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