The basic life cycle

The basic life cycle

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Nitrates of plants make proteins in salts. Vegetables eat its leaves, fruits and flowers and take that element in its body. Animals return a lot of nitrogen to the earth through faeces and urine. The one who remains in their body, after dying or rotting or burning, returns to the earth or the atmosphere. In this way, the nitrogen of the atmosphere revolves around water, flora, fauna, earth and then in the atmosphere like a streamlined circle.

A cloud of nitrogen air located in the sky, coming to earth as fertilizer with rain with the help of lightning, coincidentally with the earth growing as vegetation, vegetation being eaten by animals and its conversion into useful substances like protein. His coming to earth through faeces and urine, returning to the sky again from the rotting of things, this is a cycle which goes on continuously, it can also be called the life cycle. It can also be called the great role of nitrogen in maintaining liveliness on earth.

Additionally, there is another way for plants to get nitrogen. Thin roots of plants like the bean, pea, insects are very fine bacteria, they are characterized by taking nitrogen directly from the atmosphere and making it nitrate. Those plants are easily assimilated.

All-natural elements follow this divine law, so why should not a human being also do it? Nitrogen gas is one such element of nature, which teaches humans an important lesson. It teaches man that big powers should always be active and engaged in the good of the world.

Nitrogen is a gas, this natural element spread in the sky since time immemorial, has made 80 percent space in the atmosphere for itself. The remaining 20 percent is oxygen and other gases. Like nature and the divine, both gases are mixed in such a way that it becomes difficult to separate them from catalysis, as in a husband and wife, even though they are two different forms, they mingle with purpose and ideas. But if the seed of treachery, jealousy or malice comes in between, then the integrality between the two is destroyed. It is only faults that create a gap in the happiness, love and faith of human life.

Electricity separates nitrogen and oxygen during the rainy season. The clouds came, the air moved, the lightning shone in them and it acted as a catalyst. Just as the physical body with its five elements comes into existence with the will of God and then gets involved in its development efforts, in the same way, lightning reacts to both oxygen and nitrogen and becomes nitrogen quenched (nitrogen Penta oxide) And thus nitrogen is released smoothly for its life journey.

The origin of man is likewise a divine desire or coincidence. We do not know if there is any kind of life in nitrogen? But there is no such deception in relation to humans. Seeing the powers, facilities and strengths available to him, one can easily believe that he was born for a specific purpose. Without making any goal, a man wanders like space insects (asteroids), you too Dies and also creates a crisis for others. Even if a person living a plan-oriented life cannot fulfil his spiritual goal, he continues to make progress without harming others, he continues to give the benefit of his progress to many like-minded friends.

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