To achieve of happiness and peace

To achieve of happiness and peace

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The most important and useful element for the achievement of happiness and peace in human life is known by the name of religion. The message of life and live, the inspiration of virtue and duty-keeping, is synonymous with the soul of religion. Dharma means the nature, quality, deeds and nature of an object or person. Therefore, it can be said that the path on which it is possible to achieve its desired achievement is called Dharma because the purpose of religion is to save human life from being misguided. That is why religion should be called the soul of life. Lack of religion makes a man go away from the animal, but to call an unreligious person an animal is to insult the animal because the animal also has its own religion which is called animal religion. But if a man does not follow human religion or abandon his duty of religion, then it is looked upon with respect. The honourable person or the person of honour is the one who is not alienated from the duty of religion. The scripture is that ‘the religion that follows the religion protects, but the one who destroys it destroys the destroyed religion.’ There can be no two opinions in this theory. A person who becomes alienated from religion is deprived of prosperity.

The abode of religion is where morality and duty are respected, therefore it would not be an exaggeration to call virtue and duty administration the main symbol of religion. For the grand structure of religion, there is a great need to carry out human ideals and responsibilities smoothly.

All the processes of theism, worship, scripture listening, recitation, discourse, fasting, fasting, abstinence, pilgrimage, festivals and rites have been created with the aim of maturing the religious spirit. So that a man can be free from the lords and desires of his life – lust, greed, fascination and charm and temptation, and move forward on his duty path without any speed. At the same time, if he makes the mistake of accepting the means of these religions as being practicable, then all his religious rituals, which are merely the cobbler of religion, take away from the life of religion. The liver is not complete in itself, the importance of the soul is the soul and the soul is the soul. It is clear that the two are complementary to each other. Means and means are interdependent. If the instrument is considered as the only means, it should be accorded the importance of the seeker.

The authority of God is the regulator and controller of the universe, providing universal, impartial, judicious and assured results. The aim of God is to meditate, meditate, meditate and worship around that feeling. Be afraid of the punishment of sinful deeds and do not commit injustice and injustice by violating the norms, keeping in mind its harsh reward. It is an essential requirement for the worshiper or religionist to have faith in the surety of divine justice and work, otherwise, all his devotion will prove fruitless. The heaven, liberation, boon, happiness, peace, prosperity, interview etc. benefits from religious works are possible only for those who have understood the heart of religion and its true nature, as well as he has made his personality and character bright by giving practical form in his life. All the images, whether they are cosmic or extraterrestrial, are accessible only by virtue. This is the reason that religion has been considered as an inspirational element of virtue. In conclusion, it can be said that religion is the father of happiness and peace. If a person dreams of happiness and peace only through external activities, he will be labelled as a daydream of being unhappy about virtue. Faithfulness, duty, responsibilities and dignity in morality are the foundation of religion. Virtue can be called the root of religion. It is meaningless to expect flowers and fruits to be planted in a tree after eradication.

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